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Windows 10 Pro 10.0.16299 N/A Build 16299 x64-based PC
This is not a Webroot question but I'm looking for help.  Perhaps where to get help.  Please don't send me to Microsoft as I refuse to reformat and reinstall just to get their help.
Ever since the most recent update (mine occurred on October 27) I have been getting the following message whenever I log out of the Admin (local) account.
  • Someone else is still using this pc.  If you restart now, they could lose unsaved work.
This occurs even after a shutdown and start or a restart.  It occasionally occurs on the User (local) account.
I am connected via WiFi (cable to downstairs died).
I am not allowing other computers to get Windows Updates from my computer.
No other computer in the house can attach to any other computer.
Task Manager and Process Explorer claim there are only two users and, in my testing, only one account is active and the other account is Disconnected (not logged off!?).  Interestingly, the Disconnected accounts does, occassionally, use a minor amout of CPU.  (I don't know if this is normal or not).
What I want to do is to ensure there is no other connection or how to determine and how to stop the invisible user.  I would also like to get rid of that message if it is just another bad/flawed Windows update.
Any suggestions?

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Click on the gear icon in webroot, then on the middle right there is a button to show active connections.
If you click that you can see all the connections to your machine. If you see something pointing to somewhere you dont recognize that could be it.
If you dont see anything then it probably is a non issue function wise.  Just some annoyance message or hidden bug/flaw.
This wont fix your windows problem but could put you at ease about some type of intrusion.
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Thank you for responding and reminding me of Webroot's active connection.  I didn't even think to look there and that should have been the first place I looked.
It turns out this is a now known bug (or a new feature) with the latest update to Windows 10.  It is inconsequential to those who have only one account.  It doesn't seem to effect those with two accounts. Assume two account admin local named AL and a user local named UL.  The simple solution, for those impacted, is at the bottom.
Shutdown or restart AL using the options when the Start button is right-clicked.  Now, log into UL.
Open task manager > Users.  AL is listed with status "Disconnected".  In Swtich Users dialog (Click Start button, top icon) AL is listed with status "Signed in".
Because the other account is disconnected it does not appear in Webroot's active connection.
Solution, I now use ALt-F4 to shutdown or restart rather than the Start menu.  The shutdown command can also be used.
I had forgotten about Webroot's Active Connections. 


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