Microsoft threat?

  • 10 June 2017
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I've been surfing on Amazon and suddenly got a pop up on screen from ( the Microsoft Super Technicians informing that I have some kind of threat installed and my computer was now in a blocked state.  It went on to say that if I didn't immediately call 020-3514-9444 to let their engineers talk me through the removal process then I would be open to have all my information stolen.
I couldn't get rid of the thing, the whole screen was taken over by this message and I couldn't click on anything but the OK button which I didn't.  So I panicked a bit and pressed and held the off button to shut everything down then turned off the router for half an hour then ran four scans (that didn't detect anything) before opening Chrome again; everything seems OK and this is obviously some kind of scam but I'm wondering if something nasty has been installed.  
Anyone help?   :@

3 replies

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Hi Linda
Hope that you are well?
This is defintively a scam (one just has to look at the URL) + no legitimate company like Microsoft would call to advise on this sort of would they know that a threat was installed, etc.
What I would do to start with is to add a good free Ad Blocker like the ones suggested below:
For Internet Explorer Ad Block Plus:
For Firefox uBlock Origin: or Privacy Badger:

Google Chrome uBlock Origin: Privacy Badger:
Then, if concerned that something nasty might have been installed (unlikely as this is a scam rather than a malware attack) I would Open a Support Ticket, to advise the Support Team of the issue and if required to let them check your system out...for peace of mind.
I am fairly certain there is nothing to worry about given what you say...but if in doubt then action the above.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
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Definitely follow Baldrick's recommendation and use an Ad Blocker for whatever browser you use, but after you do that I do also highly recommend you submit a support ticket to our Team so they can review your logs to ensure nothing malicious remains.
I have had a few clients who are surfing around and got this type of Scare-ware page pop-up and "take over" the workstation. For the vast majority, you did the right thing - just reboot the system or end the browser task and the "threat" is gone. Never call these people and never give one of their techs access to your system and never give them your credit card information. This kind of behavior is not something Microsoft or any legit vendor would do.