Microsoft unifies pricing tiers for universal Windows and Windows Phone apps

  • 13 April 2014
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Derek Kessler wrote:
Back at Build 2014 (remember that, two weeks ago?), Microsoft announced their initiative to unify apps across their entire ecosystem. That way a developer could build an app once and deploy it to Windows Phone, Windows, and even Xbox. But to make that a reality there was some back-end housekeeping to be done in order to make that a possibility. One of those steps: making it so you can price apps the same across all the stores.
To that end, Microsoft announced today that they're simplifying and consolidating the pricing tiers between Windows and Windows Phone. The end result of that is the addition of tiers for $0.99 apps and $1.29 apps for Windows. Microsoft noted that apps in that price range currently account for 55% of Windows Phone app sales.
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