My reply to one person's email is returned as Mailer-Daemon. How do I solve?

  • 24 January 2017
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Everytime I reply to one of my contacts emails, it is returned as "Mailer-Daemon".  Does not happen to any other contacts.  How do I solve?

2 replies

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I did a Google search on this with the following results:
Software in a mail server that delivers messages to recipients. When you get a message in your inbox, the server at that company is informing you that it is returning your message because of some failure. The "to" e-mail address may no longer be valid, or there may be a problem routing the message to the appropriate mail server. Your domain name may be on a blacklist, and the server is refusing all incoming messages from it.
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Or the person your trying to email has changed there email address and make sure it's correct in the first place! One tiny mistake is everything!