Nastiest Malware

Nastiest Malware Q&A + Vote for this year's Nastiest!

  • 12 October 2021
  • 33 replies
Nastiest Malware Q&A + Vote for this year's Nastiest!

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33 replies

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Have any of these been linked to the new world order, 6uild 6ack 6etter, great reset?

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I’d vote for Pegasus (The NSO spyware) if that were an option.

Failing that, REvil - because it has the perfect name for this competion!


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I have to go with the REvil crowd -- affected companies via the companies supposed to be protecting them. That’s tough.   So, do we let Lemonduck stay on the network long enough to remove all of its competition, and then we kill it off?  Let it do some of the work for us…   :-)

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So are their any hard rules  with Ransomware folks who threaten to release data?  And I’m curious if encrypted discs offer any protection for stolen files?

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I’ll DM you after the Halloween when the contest is over to get shipping details

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Congrats @Sander G. on the Big Win of the LEGO X-WING. :wink:


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Gotta love the big prize wheel. Congrats @Sander G. on the win. 

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Lemon duck here...but Revil is bad too. They're all the nastiest!! Don't burst my bubble!!🤣🎃