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Nearly Half of UK SMBs Believe a Cyberattack Could Close Their Business

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44% of decision makers are spending a day each week dealing with cybersecurity issues

  • 64% say workload demands result in mistakes that put the organization at risk
  • 48% deprioritize activities that would grow business to address cybersecurity tasks
  • 46% say a cyberattack it would put them at risk of closure
  • 40% believe cybersecurity threats restrict SMB growth more than enterprises
  • 18% of their time, almost a full working day a week, is spent on cybersecurity related tasks
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still power our economy, but they’re no longer so small that they escape the gaze of cybercriminals. On the contrary, they’re often seen as prime targets; large enough to store valuable data, but small enough to lack the critical cyber defense resources of enterprise-level companies. Read the latest press release and for complete survey results and what they mean for SMBs and MSPs who serve them, download the full report.

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