page poped up and locked my computer

  • 3 November 2013
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my computer had a page come up. it said FBI has locked your computer and if i get a green dot credit card (its a temp. card like the card.)and pay 300.00 within 12 hours it will be unlocked otherwise i could face charges. i first ran webroot and my computer unlocked. i am a novice computer guy and did not go on any sites or use any language that is bad. does any one know if its real ?  their were no numbers to call just said to pay 300.00 fine.

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2 replies

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Stuff like this is invariably fake. The FBI has investigative powers only they cannot levy penalties on their own (due process etc.)
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Do not pay that money under any circumstances, its a well known scam. I dont have any scan logs or information from your PC so I cant give any specific instructions. If you call our support line we can get this removed. If you are not in the US reply and I can give you other numbers to call.
US support:
Call 1-866-612-4227
M-F 7am?6pm MT