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  • 22 September 2017
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Hi everyone! 
I'm wondering if anyone else has had any problems using the Password Manager on Internet Security Plus.  I've had it installed since March but has never been able to get it to accept my email address or password, now making me think whether the whole programme could be faulty!!
I asked for help from the Support Team who said than I had my email linked to an old keycode and that after smaking some changes, everything should be ok now, but ... the same thing is happening!  My email address is not being recognised - its driving me nuts. Thought I'd get your advice before getting back to them.  :/

1 reply

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Greetings, @ :cathappy:
I'm looking at your account on the back-end and it looks like you used the same email address as the one you used when registering for your Community account.
Please feel free to send me a private message when it's a good time for you and I'll work with you in resolving your sign-in issues.