Pop Up Blocker Needed

I had a pop up blocker on my laptop that was free and it worked great.  Recently my laptop was hijacked by malware and i lost it. Does anyone know of a free app that I can download that will eliminate pop ups?

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Welcome bizzibee, sorry to hear about losing your pop up blocker but I'm not in the position to answer that question maybe you could google it or wait for our forum members to assist you and see if any suggestions could be brought forth..

Patience is key with PCs...LoL
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I use Firefox. And this setting blocks pop-ups nicely.

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I use Chrome and Firefox and I use the following extensions:
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I have been using Adguard these last last several months and am quite happy with it.It has a ton of features,and works with most browsers without having to install a browser add-on.Works with ie11 EPM,filters https.It pretty much does everything an ad-blocker can.It's trial period is 2 weeks.It's 5.9 update,which has undergone some major improvements,should be exiting beta very shortly,so i would definitely give it a try should you not find a free alternative that you are satisfied with.
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I use Google Chrome with AdBlock extension (with extended set of filters enabled).
I have no problems with Pop Ups - neither on websites nor on social portals - for me it works flawless.
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I use Adguard.
Adguard was developed using sophisticated heuristic algorithms and a wide range of filters that work perfectly in removing ads and popups. Once installed, Adguard silently works in the background and automatically protects you from ads and malicious websites. Though ad-blocking plugins are able to hide a part of advertisements, Adguards removes it completely, saving both Internet traffic and nerves.
There are free expansion:
Adguard adblock for Mozilla Firefox are temporarily in closed beta. 
Thank you
Best regard, Petr.
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Hi bizzibee, isn't this the greatest community ever, your question received so many answers and I learned a lot too. Thanks for posting. Hope these posts help you out with your laptop.
I've never had to worry about a pop up since they are always included in any browser that I use...so I'll be prepared if it happens to me...( with malware).
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@ wrote:
Hi bizzibee, isn't this the greatest community ever, your question received so many answers
You're right Sherry 😃
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Pop-up blocker FAQ for Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker: frequently asked questions
P.S. I'm a bit concerned by you saying the machine recently was infected. Are you happy and satisfied that it's ok now? If not, please contact Support, who'll make sure everything is clear: the official Webroot support system
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Hi Dermont7, great input...you are the ball this morning or wherever you are!
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Hi Sherry...Thanks, have a good day 😃 I'm just on a break from work (started at 6am).
I am using both Adgaurd and Firefox blockers and I still get pop-ups.  Do you have any other ideas? 
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Hi bizzibee
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
To be honest I would suggest that the amount of ads you wil be getting usng both those addons should be minimal and that add any more apps to try and cut down on the remaining few ads you must be getting would most probably proved ineffective at least and counter productive at worst.
I use the same combination as you and I find that I get next to nothing leaking through.
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:@Thank you Baldrick, was trying to help but you are quicker and you know better. Not yo familar with FF.