Pop Ups?

  • 4 June 2017
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Hi everyone,
I hope you can understand me but I've started getting 'black boxes' that pop up on my screen for a couple of seconds or so then dissapear.
They have writing at the top but they go so fast that all I've managed to read is '..Programme files..'.  Can anyone tell me what these are, if I have some kind of malware and how to fix it?
Any help will be cushty!!
Thanks, Linda  :D

4 replies

Hi Linda 
I never really join communities but I decided to bc I actually had the same issue with my computer. First I panicked I thought it got infected although I never visit any unknown sites but do download files from work when I am at home... anyways... I scanned my computer to death then increased webroot filters... it did not help still got the same issues you are having... and for some odd reason webroot scans always stall at 11% and then after a minute the % increases to 73% EVERY single scan which makes me believe that the virus is so well hidden that it makes Webroot sckip and 'think' it scanned. Also, the black boxes with writing on them should appear when your computer is running a program update but should not be every 10 minutes as seemes the case for your computer and mine. Sadly, I have to take it in for a full re-imagining with Geek Squad bc I also suspect that I realized too late that my computer would use explorer to open files which is not a good secure browser unlike what they advertise I always get pop ups eventhough I block them but they never appear with chrome. So I don't have a good answer for you except get your computer either scanned or re-imaged. 
Perhaps > https://www.ghacks.net/2017/05/30/what-is-that-popup-on-windows-10-that-disappears-after-a-split-second/
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All I can say is that is sounds like a DOS box. Other than that, sorry.
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Hi Gladiator! First - welcome to the forum, I hope you're finding us interesting and helpful. I'm glad in a way that you've had the same problem - Sorry! - but it makes me feel less panicky that my flipping laptop is not gonna explode on me. A while ago, (as everyone now probably knows now cos I've moaned on about it enough) 🙂 I took my machine in for a clean and they wiped everything by installing a new OS so not going back there to get things put right! I've had a look at the link that bjm- (above) has suggested and think that solved things. I modified the way YouTube displays ads yesterday so I think that's the reason all this has started - have a read yourself. Linda.