Question about error logs

  • 3 October 2017
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Recently, my keyboard can't seem to keep up with how fast or slow I type. Words are smushed together with extra spaces at the end, if I type a website into the address bar it puts the period after the "com" or "org". It also separates my words where I did not space them. I've used the webroot analyze feature and it told me my firefox has a memory leak that I just can't seem to find and/or fix, my graphics RAM is low and "some devices are not functioning and may need to be reinstalled."
I also did a maintenance sweep from my system and it told me that my "error logs" are taking up too much space for a process to be fixed. Is it possible to delete the so-called error logs without doing irreparable harm to my system and if so, where and how do I find/delete them?

0 replies

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