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  • 30 December 2022
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My computer has Microsoft version 8.1 on it.  Effective Jan 10, 2023, Microsoft will be pulling their support on version 8.1.  How important is it that I upgrade to a newer version?  We only use the computer for web searching/reading, online shopping & online banking.  I have Webroot Secure Anywhere installed on the computer for virus/malware protection.  How important is the MS support & updates & how will my computer be affected if I don’t upgrade to a newer version?


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It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you get off that operating system. The main point is that it will no longer be supported by receiving any security updates for the OS. This leaves you very open to attacks should any bad actors find vulnerabilities in the OS or through an exploit in a third party software to gain access to the host OS. 

I’d STRONGLY encourage  you to upgrade to Windows 11 if your system supports it. If it is too old for that, at the min, Windows 10 22H2 as that will give you updates. 

But given the age of the system, I’d almost consider the beginning of the process of simply replacing that box altogether. 

I always hear from clients that they “only use the system for email or web surfing, Facebook, or a bit of Word etc..” and those EXACT things are what puts you at risk. 

Being online with an old OS it NOT safe. 

Hope this helps and have a great Holidy Season.