Question: Is Webroot SecureAnywhere a Full Anti-Malware or just an AV?

  • 27 January 2013
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I'm just looking for Community input and how they regard WSA as a Full Anti-Malware or just an Anti-Virus. We know that WSA is designed to work with other AV's and other AM's so give us your feedback and lets keep it on topic and not get into details of other products as this is the Webroot forum. Like ProTruckDriver uses WSA with MBAM and I use WSA alone with Look'n'Stop Firewall as it was a one time payment.
TH  ;)

Best answer by Kit 29 January 2013, 01:29

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30 replies

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Nice synopsis, Kit.  You make a good case for running both WSA and MBAM as a layered approach to broad AV/AM protection.  :D
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Kit, thank you very much for that detailed reply.  
Kit Wrote: "If BOTH find something, WSA will ignore it.  Why?  When WSA tries to look at something, MBAM will want to look first.  WSA steps aside and lets MBAM look first because WSA knows MBAM is a legitimate security program."
That explains a lot about the behaviors I have noted and been asked about.  I came  on here to learn.. and I am :D
I appreciate the explanation of how WSA deals with tracking cookies and javascript as well... I personally do consider them a potential threat (or threat precursor as per your explanation), but I dont mind a quick manual clearing of the cookies at shutdown time either.  That is faster than the hit on system resources by doing it continually.
Might have been your $0.02, but it was worth gold to me.
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Thanks Kit for that excellent reply. :D
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@ wrote:
@ wrote:I strongly believe it's a full security suite as I am using it alone with Vista firewall (with tight rules) :D
And if WSA runs good on Vista, then you know it is a great program! :p
Yes, I rely solely on WSA and apart a few issues which stem from my unsupported OS language all is fine ;)
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@ Kit
Thanks for the great explanation and I fell in love with your statement "... however WSA doesn't waste time focusing on the avenues, but rather on the threats themselves" :D