Run GOLANG executables with no interaction with webroot. Allow features do NOT help.

  • 20 October 2020
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I’ve used PC security allow, and whitelist, as well as identity feature (all as recommended) but NONE help 100% of the time.

There is never a scan error of my exe, in fact I can make exe that just prints “Hello World” every second for 2 minutes and it will over lap some webroot action and crash my program. The error ALWAYS says the PC (program counter) could not be found. My suspicion is even though webroot ignores my exe that it must somehow impact memory during the scan. This will drive my users crazy if they have this indeterminate behavior.

I don’t expect some setting to fix the issue, but a webroot change. But so far for several months I can’t get a defined answer from Webroot; and GOLANG support at GitHub says they would make a change (if possible) if they could be told what Webroot is doing.

Any thoghts?


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