Run System 7 in a Web Browser with Infinite Mac

  • 23 November 2022
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by: Paul Horowitz


Any modern web browser can now run the retro System 7 Macintosh operating system on just about any device, thanks to the Infinite Mac project.

Infinite Mac offers a browser based 68k Macintosh Quadra emulator that runs impressively well in a browser, allowing you to play old games, run old Macintosh applications, and just have a little fun in a retro operating system.

And perhaps best of all, System 7 running in Infinite Mac allows for persistent storage as well as data transfer to and from the emulated Mac, all by using the shared volume “The Outside World”.


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1 reply

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Ah, system 7, I remember it well!

Came across this article yesterday too and it does work well. Good piece of nostalgia!