Running webroot secure anywhere with other antivirus software

  • 5 March 2013
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I am running webroot secure anywhere with Kaspersky pure 2.0 at the same time. So far I don't see any problems. I contacted HP support about my computer doing auto restarts for no reason and the tech said its because I am running tandem virus programs. I have windows 8 64 on the PC. However I also have windows 8 pro running the exact same anti virus software with zero problems. The restarts hasppened before I installed webroot. Can someone give me an ideaq as to why I get auto restarts for no reason. This happens mostly when running games. I suspect the 3d graphics card but I am no wiz here.
Thank you for5 any imput you might have

2 replies

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If it's specifically when you're running games, it could be that it's overheating.  That's the first place I'd check.  This program is pretty useful for monitoring heat levels: SpeedFan.  The page design is a little misleading on that site.  Be sure to click the version number in the first paragraph of the "Download" section rather than the big "Download" button, which leads to an ad.
It could be a lot of different things, and for the most thorough analysis, you'd want to examine the dump file that Windows may create when the forced reboot occurs.  Let's see if it's overheating first, and if not, I'll see if we can get a little tutorial together on how to check a dump file.
Hello Jim, Thank you for your reply. Let me look into the heating issue first then I will get back to you about the dump file. I would love to get more invoved with understanding what goes on with that. In the meantime I have a 600w liquid cooled power supply and the computer is 2 months old. I don't know if there are additiional cooling fans or not. I'll find out. Thanks again Steve