Should I turn off Windows Defender?

  • 10 January 2017
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Should Windows Defender be turned off while using Webroot antivirus?

3 replies

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Windows Defender should be left turned on for the time being. Please look at this post for more relevant info:

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and You can read articles:
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Hi krausetl44
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If I may just add for the past the installation fo a 3rd party AV or AM app would have automatically disabled/switched off Windows Defneder, but as of a recent WIindows Update this policy has now been revoked by Microsoft and it now remains active.
Whether to leave it enable or disabled is a personal decision and indeed some would say that its detection rates and the protection that it offers these days makes it an excellent additional layer of security and/or a good 2nd opinion scanner.
Indeed even when turned off you can configure it to peridically carry out a scan of your system and then switch itself off a again...whichihs a nice & automatic double check if one wants it.
Hope that assists further?
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