Skype for Business is now available

  • 15 April 2015
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As the name suggest, it is Skype meant for business. That’s why it has all the features that are needed in the business and corporate world. Some of the features are as follows:
  • You can get audio calls, video calls, messaging, online meetings, and sharing everything in one app; everything that we need for meetings and corporate communication.
  • You can connect with up to 250 people at the same time with Skype for Business app. For this connection, they don’t even need Skype for Business. All they need is a phone or Internet connection.
  • With this app, you can see contacts’ online statuses, schedule meetings, and start conversations from Office apps.
  • Conversations are protected by authentication and encryption. Hence you can go ahead and have you business related discussions without worrying about security breach.
  • You can manage employee accounts; thus giving you a complete control over who all you want on Skype from your employees.
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