Spam and online gambling – a surefire loser

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Spam and online gambling – a surefire loser
by Tatyana Kulikova
Daylight robbery or an innocent bet?; Lottery: Win without playing!; Horse racing; Spam doping; Stretching the law
Who hasn’t dreamt of Lady Luck smiling on them and bestowing untold wealth without having to make the slightest effort? Sometimes people get so caught up in the excitement of gambling that they fail to realize they are merely throwing away their money instead of winning that coveted fortune. In their view, gambling is not just a way of winning money but also a chance to try their luck, which is sure to change eventually. Isn’t it?
Phenomena in the real world are quick to gain popularity in the virtual world. The various games that involve gambling are no exception: most of them have adapted to the peculiarities of the Internet and successfully established themselves online. However, just like in the real-world gaming industry, popular legal online resources exist side by side with their underground or openly fraudulent versions. The latter make active use of spam to publicize their services, attracting those who want to make easy money. How to resist the temptation and avoid falling into the criminals’ trap when betting on races or playing poker online? Let’s take a closer look at the most common types of gambling fraud linked to spam mailings.
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