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  • 18 December 2017
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Good Morning all! Been a long time since I logged in, had a minor collision with malignant melanoma...anyway, I'm up running, and very ticked off. Seems someone has stolen my email address, what a nightmare to say the least.... Of course all the spam too. I don't know what to do, I've changed my passwords etc. Received a  notice from Amazon etc. saying someone did change my password, & email address. Is there anyway to track this jerk??the address he used to send with is probably false??  I'm sick of trying to keep up with this. I'm sure you'll have suggestions. 
You've always been so kind in answering me, I thank you so very much Kate.

4 replies

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Hello @,
I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Considering I just had my credit card compromised a few months ago I know how annoying it is!
We actually have an article on this exact topic:
My Email has Been Hacked - What Do I Do?
I recommend following the tips provided. In regards to tracking them down, outside of hiring a "Digital Private Investigator" and conducting an extensive reverse-investigation, it's best normally to cut your losses & move on.
I hope you find this information helpful! :cathappy:
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Thank you so much JP, I don't ever remember having ever clicked on an email, but.....I did have geek squad go thru everything, then changed my passwords, but after reading the article, may change to a stronger one. I never go to anyone except Webroot, you have all been so gracious in answering me, and most of all I trust your advice, Thanks again JP Kate
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You're most welcome, Kate. Sounds like Geek Squad helped you take care of everything.
I hope you have a Very, Merry Christmas with your Family!
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To everyone at Webroot, thank you so much for always helping me, I truly hope you all have a blessed holiday, good health and hope for a better tomorrow! Bye for now, Kate