• 4 November 2019
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I sent a request for support renewing my Webroot 5 ½ hours ago. After 4 hours with no response, I called the support number. I have been on hold for 1 hour and 40 minutes and just got transferred AGAIN with ABSOLUTELY NO HELP!! Is this acceptable for your company??

3 replies

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Hi Brian, although most of us here are just volunteers that sort of treatment is NOT acceptable at all I will ping one of the admins who will help you out asap.


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Hi@Brian Hartzfeld , let me look into this for you. 

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I had one of our support engineers look into your ticket which should have updated things on your end. You can reset your password here: 

Here’s the renewal webpage or if you’d like to talk with someone directly, please call: 1-866-350-6089