• 18 January 2017
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Once again thank-you!
In the last hour I've had a horrible scare posted to me with an ominous sounding recording, supposedly from Microsoft, saying something like my computer system now has a Virus and all data, credit card details etc is at risk and I should call Microsoft on 0800 0869834 to allow them to remotely fix it!!
Now I'm not that stupid as to fall for such an obvious scam as that one but when it was accompanied by a screen-lock where everything froze - it makes you wonder what the heck's going on!!
The only thing that I was able to do was to carry out a Webroot scan (I did 4 of them just to be sure!) which reported that there were no threats found, I immediately stopped panicking but was locked out of this forum or any Webroot help so had to telephone some techy guys at Currys (didn't really want to do that but ...) They confirmed that it was a scam and to Restart which got everything up and running again "phewwww!"
Just wanted to pop by and give Webroot a big hug for giving me the peace of mind not to get so jumpy if this sort of thing happens again knowing that it's busy doing it's stuff in the background!!
Thanks a bundle!  :D  

3 replies

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We're so happy to hear that everything is resolved for you, Linda :robothappy:
In the future, please know that we have a Technical Support Team that addresses messages like this every single day.
They're here to assist you as soon as you let them know there is a problem:
Support Number: Call +44 (0) 870 141 7070
Send us a Support Ticket:
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Hi Linda
I was just going to say that I would have called Webroot Support rather than Currys (if it is the Currys PC World in the UK then I would not touch them with a bargepole...based on past experience)...but JP got there first.
Always think 'Webroot' when it comes to anything security related to you system...itis the best & it is FREE...the technical support that actively subscribed users. :D
Regards, Baldrick
PS. but I think that we have told you that before? :p
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@ what Browsers do you use? It would be a great Idea to install a good Ad-Blocker to each Browser you use and that will help out allot!
For Internet Explorer Ad Block Plus:
For Firefox uBlock Origin:

Google Chrome uBlock Origin:

uBlock Origin For Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 10:
Hope this Helps!
Daniel 😉


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