The Smartphone World Needs Microsoft

  • 30 November 2012
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We're stuck in a vitriolic world of Android lovers who are also Apple haters; and of Apple lovers who mostly dismiss Android lovers, which just irritates the Android fans all the more. It seems to me that often enough, many of the Apple lovers online these days take an older-brother tone by treating Android users like their bratty little sisters.
Why We Need Windows Phones to SucceedEnter Microsoft. With its new Surface tablet line, as well as a new Windows OS for PCs and Windows-based smartphones, might Microsoft provide an alternative to jumping into a raging river?
I think so. But more to the point, I hope so. In many ways, Android shares too many similarities as an operating system to iOS. Granted, there are some radical facelifts going on with Android, so this isn't exactly true. However, in terms of mass consumer impressions, I believe that many people see Android vs. iOS as a choice between two similar products that just have different ecosystems for apps. Windows Phone 8's Live Tiles immediately speaks to it being something different, and this difference makes people look and consider the whole package more closely.
Granted, Microsoft is digging itself out of a very deep hole, but if it can continue to tie its consumer ecosystems together nearly as well as it has with the Xbox 360 world, it has a chance gain some ground.
If Microsoft succeeds, maybe we'll get to have a more interesting love triangle instead of the two-sided Android vs Apple hatefest.
In fact, I believe a trifecta with Android generally leading in raw market share, with Apple trailing but holding the most mindshare and Microsoft snapping at both of their heels will ultimately make Apple fight harder to delight its customers, and Apple technology enthusiasts will end up benefiting.
The only thing worse than Apple having a tiny market share is an Apple that dominates entire markets. So yeah, I never thought I'd say this, but, "Go Microsoft!
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