Trojan Scam... It sure looks real enough!

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As some of you may know, I am very tech backward.  Today, when I logged into my IE homepage I wanted to check the upcoming weather forecast because, and I'm not kidding, it was 111 degrees here in So. California.
When i clicked on the tab for the weather forecast on the homepage, my screen filled with a red page stating that my firewall had prevented an intrusion by a Trojan worm attack but that I needed to contact Microsoft Tech support immediately as the attempt was associated with the theft of credit card information and provided a toll free 877 number to contact.
Freaking out as I was, it still seemed suspicious so I called Tech Support at Microsoft using the original contact toll free number I have in my short cut list when I need help and was reassured by the tech support person I spoke with that my suspicion that this was a scam was correct.  It was then that he suggested that I download a free extension called : ad blocker plus
However, not knowing where to go and still a bit anxious because that's my natural default, I thought I would put it to the tech savvy here at WSA Forums to ask if this sort of thing has happened to you and if you know of a reputable place to go where I could find the program to download so that those sorts of scam screens won't be coming up again.
Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find a reputable source for this program/download?
Thank you so much for your help and patience muddling through my post of woe!

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Hi gr8auntteffie
Hope that you are well?
Well, the first thing I would say is whilst you might not be very "tech savvy" (your words...;)) you are certainly security savvy.
Your reaction was absolutely the right approach, including not to call the number shown but to call a number that you trust (if one is available).
As for the advice given...yes, you should first try to add an adware blocker. Many of us here have these installed and below if the advice we usually provide in these circumstances:
For Internet Explorer, Ad Block Plus:
For Firefox, uBlock: or Privacy Badger:
Google Chrome, uBlock: or Privacy Badger:
Personally I use uBlock Origin as I find that it performs best.
Give one of those a try with your browser and that should stop this sort of occurrence in the bud.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
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@Thank you so much for your input and the resource links!  I added the ublock to the firefox that I have which is the automatic contact browser that my WSA product uses to link to the home page and then I can access the forums through it. 
Here's my less than stellar tech skills on display:  Should I also download the ad blocker to for IE after logging into my MSN home page or would that be redundant?  Or is it the sort of item that is specifically tweaked to work with each browser rather than using the 'panacea' approach?
Thank you again for your patience and your help!
This is my first stop when I look for reputable and honest input when it come to all the tech questions and issues that crop up.  Thank you all for your generous help!
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Hi gr8auntteffie
You are, as always, more than welcome. :D And thank you so much for your kind words...I assure you that they mean a lot. 
Yes, I would add Ad Blocker to fact you should add an ad blocker to each and every browser that you are using or end up using in the future.
In general, an extension is downloaded from the relevant app store in which case it will be the version for the specific browser, or if getting them from another source like the author's website then there will be a which case you download and install the one for the browser in question, i.e., Ad Block for Windows, as opposed to Ad Block for Chrome, etc.
Please do post back if you have any further questions on this topic.
Have a great weekend.
Regards, Baldrick
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@Thank you so much for your kindness and advice!  I did go ahead and download for the IE as well as having taken care of the Firefox browser so that I can be sure I'm taking another step to be proactive with my security and protection!
I did notice that on one of the websites I use to shop through to earn a bit back did warn that with the program loaded that it could require me to manually disable the program temporarily while using it, which I think I can do by following the instructions provided and tapping 'temporarily' and surprisingly enough I'm not even rattled by doing that because I feel so protected!
You have a lovely weekend yourself!
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Hi gr8auntteffie
As I said before you are most welcome, and it is my pleasure to help out where I can. :D
Indeed, there will be case where, as you described, the ad blocker will cause some issues with sites that are legitimate, often sites like the one you mention which actually use similar techniques, to the adware which you want to block, to record your visits to the relevant shop(s) so as to be able to determine what cash back you are due..
I use similar websites over here in the UK and have to go through the same process except in my case I have whitelisted the relevant sites...but if you have the option to temporarily disable the blocker for the visit to the site then I would use that, in your circumstances.
Glad that you are sorted out and feel protected...with WRSA you are indeed.
If in the US then enjoy Labor Day. And if not just enjoy the weekend.
Regards, Baldrick


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