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  • 11 April 2021
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 I tried to download and use mobile protection on my Nord N10 5G. Then I was prompted to install secure anywhere. I think it said it was a browser. I do not need a browser as Chrome works fine for me. I would give the PC based protection a decent grade. I would not give Mobile protection a passing grade at all. There seems to be a rabbit hole involved in any anti virus protection company. You are asked to allow the program to access all your personal and picture files just to name a few. I am a trained network and security person and I find all the popups and permissions a little bit much. I have removed this mobile protection from my smartphone and I am actively seeking to understand the need for a separate browser.  I find almost all software and internet providers a bit vague when in comes to explanations and technical support. Even though I am a student and former employee of a technical company I still find them shrouded in misinformation and even deception at times. Oh well at least the PC based system seems ok. 

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Hello @Mobileusernot 


Webroot’s new Mobile Security is using Chromium based included into the Security with a Browser so this is the newest and it works great.


Here is more info:

And Here: