Volatile compounds? 3D printing has a serious safety problem

  • 6 October 2019
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Dangerous emissions are the dirty little secret of the ballooning 3D printing industry.

October 6, 2019 By Greg Nichols

It's looking more and more certain that 3D printing has a serious safety problem. Though largely overlooked in the tech press, the problem is pervasive and could impact millions of students, patients, and employees who work in non-industrial settings that lack controlled environments.

That's according to a two-year study by UL Chemical Safety and Georgia Institute of Technology, which shows that 3D printers emit airborne nanoparticles and volatile organic compounds that can cause cardiovascular and pulmonary issues. The UL/Georgia Tech study details the alarming presence of more than 200 volatile compounds that are detected in environments where a 3D printer is in use, including known irritants and carcinogens.

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