webfoot and dictation

  • 5 March 2014
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I had to turn webroot off to dictate this post right now. I have yet to have read a solution from webroot as to how to allow dictation to work with web root enabled. Of course, as others have learned one to disable web root dictation through Mac work pretty good. Wondering if anyone else had sent this in and what response they have received from webroot.

2 replies

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Hi Bruceman009
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
This has been raised before and I believe pased on to the Development Team but there has been no feedback as far as I am aware.
Your best bet to progress this is to raise a feature request in the Ideas Exchange, which is regularly reviewed by the Development Team, and which allows others to comment on the idea/feature request, & support it by awarding it kudos.
If you need any assistance in getting that done please let me know.   I would be pleased to help out.
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Hello Bruceman009 and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums! 

I would suggest to Submit a Support Ticket as it could be a simple thing as whitelisting some files. Also can you look here to see if anything is being Denied? http://www.webroot.com/En_US/SecureAnywhere/PC/WSA_PC_Help.htm#C6_IDProtection/CH6c_ManagingProtectedApps.htm