Webroot is slowing my computer more and more

  • 9 October 2019
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I bought Webroot because Norton and McAfee slowed down my computer to the point where my games would crash. My computer is Internet-connected, so not having a security suite running in the background exposes me to network-based attacks. I tried Webroot, and found that it suspended its core functions while I played my games, and I've been a subscriber ever since.

However, in the past couple of months, I've noticed that Webroot is no longer running in the background when I need it to. Particularly right after midnight, it seems to update with top priority, whether I run a program or not. This not only slows my computer to a crawl for several minutes, sometimes it locks me out of what I'm doing (no input from keyboard or mouse at all). Also, when I boot up, it seems like Webroot blocks out my internet connection for at least 30 - 60 seconds after logon, for no discernible reason, and sometimes updates on top of that (with the same problems that happen with night updates).

I'm wondering why your program is changing its behavior, and I know it isn't just bloating that comes with an ever-enlarging security database. This security suite is supposed to run unobtrusively in the background, and it's starting to shove its way into the foreground more and more.

1) Why is this happening?

2) When will it stop?

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