Webroot Scan report Malware?

  • 21 April 2021
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I opened a pop-up for a Webroot scan report yesterday.  A page opened with a Webroot header but the page was blank.  I don’t normally bother to look at scan reports because it scans everyday without showing a report.  Because it looked like the normal webroot I took it as safe.

I have been having the same problems as many people with windows 10 updates including an almost daily attempt at updating and then removing the update due to some kind of installation error that I haven’t been able to resolve.

So., this morning I find a blue screen with a message to say that some process wouldn’t work and gave three options to fix but all of the options just restart to the same position.

I’m not techi as you might have guessed!

So., can I dismiss the Webroot pop up as being malware is really my question?



iTody my pc is dead!  Is it a coincidence?

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Hey there @Dr Grrrrr ,

I’m so sorry you are dealing with this technical issue! Please reach out to our support team ASAP so that they can assist you: 1-866-612-4227