Webroot warning regarding cookies and their potential to impact privacy.

  • 13 October 2020
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Are all cookies a concern for privacy risks or are some related to the operating system and need to stay?


How do I delete them?

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Hello @brunocz 


No need to worry about cookies.


You may be wondering:

  • Is there any more to cookies than that? No. They are simply text strings. On my machine there is a directory called c:\windows\cookies that contains all of the cookies. They are little text files -- you can open them up and see the strings that are being saved.
  • Are cookies harmful? No. They are just short text strings, and they can often make browsing better by allowing a server to recall any customized information you have set.
  • Are cookies common? Yes. There are over 500 separate cookies on my hard disk.
  • Can cookies transmit computer viruses? No. They are just text strings.
  • Can a company read my personal information from my hard disk with a cookie? No. Only the cookie that is sent in the first place is returned to the server. It is not modified or manipulated in any way.


If you need you can delete cookies within each browser!