Weekly Threat News: 25th July, 2019

  • 25 July 2019
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Weekly Threat News: 25th July, 2019
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Our favorite Senior Threat Researcher, @FredFunk, is back this week with another roundup of all the the cybersecurity stories you may or may not have heard of.

Oh, and if you missed the #LifeatWebroot feature about Kelvin, be sure to check it out.

Met Police Twitter Account and Website Hacked

The Twitter account and the website of London City’s Met(ropolitan) police were hacked and some profane and wacky tweets and articles started appearing. The motive appears some be some old fashioned hacker vandalism and does not appear to be related to any political actor as is often the case with police targets.

“Someone, however, hadn’t guessed the password to the Met Police’s Twitter account or hacked into its website.
You see, as they later confirmed, the Met Police had been using a service called Mynewsdesk that is supposed to make it simple to create a piece of content (such as a press release), and then automatically update your website and social media outlets, and send an email notification to mailing list subscribers…
So someone, somehow, managed to hijack control of the Met Police’s Mynewsdesk account. And that’s why the tweets got posted, and that’s why the emails were sent, and that’s why the Met Police’s website was updated.”

More from Graham Cluley

Russian FSB Intel Agency Contractor Hacked

It’s not just third party web services that pose an hacking risk. Contractors are also an external hacking risk as Russia’s FSB (Federal Security Service) found out last week. The contractor’s website was defaced but more importantly a number of top secret projects were leaked including plans to de-anonymise users of the TOR network, spy on radio transmissions and to cloister the countries internet in the future. The hacking group responsible have already begun to disseminate the material widely online.

More from Bleeping Computer.

Bulgarian Hack Update: Material Surfaces On Dark Web

When a breach occurs a big question is always “so what?” When detailed personal data of almost all Bulgarian citizens was hacked recently many analysts worried that this data was going to be used to further other attacks. This now looks definite as the stolen data has now appeared on hacker trading forums. These forums on the dark web are easy to access and provided you have some cryptocurrency this data can be yours in minutes.

The Looming Spectre of Bluekeep

Millions of machines have still not been patched to address Bluekeep, a vulnerability affecting Window’s machines. There’s zillions of unpatched vulnerabilities out there but what makes this bad is the fact it’s a critical remote code-execution vulnerability affecting multiple versions of Windows is what makes it so dangerous. It’s also been proved to be “wormable” recently. With a bit of clever code it has been proven that it could be engineered to execute, steal passwords and spread all in a matter of seconds. Giving it the kind of terrifying viral propagation that infections such as WannaCry had.

“The BlueKeep vulnerability (CVE-2019-0708) RCE flaw exists in Remote Desktop Services and impacts older version of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2.”

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