Weird phishing mail

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Found a mail purporting to come from Amazon concerning a refund, on a secure work email account.

Spotted as fake immediately as the @(domain) part of the address was spelled amazom.

What I can't fathom is how this address was harvested.

it was only used for work mails, and I have never signed into Amazon on the system concerned.

Sent a report in and deleted it, but it is still a puzzle to me.

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Yes, I've gotten these type of emails, too. Good catch! Another thing you can do is block the sender. If you're not already creating a restore point on your computer on a regular basis now is a good time to do so for peace of mind. Thanks!
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Cannot do that on this one as is is a work system and locked down to the nth degree,
I reported the mail to the security team so the admins can look at the problem.

Can you still do restore points on Win 10?
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Yes, however you must first CREATE a restore point.
  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. System & Security
  3. System
  4. System Protection
Be sure it's the C: and Configure to allow more space. The more space then the more Restore points can be create.

After you do this a few times it's very easy. I even pinned the Control Panel to my Task Bar to make it even easier.

I've Restore the computer I'm now using twice in the past 2 years. Had I not done this I would have had to buy a new computer.

Good Luck!
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I wouldn't do anything to my work computer and would call my tech support for help. The directions I've provided are for your home personal computer and have worked for me after doing research and experimenting with the process.

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The query was for my home system, as I hadn't seen anything on restore points in recent times.
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Great conversation going here and thanks for sharing @moonzero2 ! Going to move this to the TechTalk subforum.


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