Why must you teachers block our only sources of entertainment?

  • 17 October 2020
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Really though, why would you do this to our stressed out brains? We already have enough going on in our head, why take away our only outlet to fun? It’s not like having a few minutes to speak to other stressed out students is going to help us with anything. Just unblock the sites and let the students have time to breathe and calm down. I 100% agree with stopping a student from gaming because he/she hasn’t paid attention in class, but if you don’t make playing games an award. The students will obviously take advantage and abuse the use of games. The only thing I ask is just let the people that deserve to play games have fun. Don’t make students angry about how their only source of fun is taken away from them. If you do, they will just be even more stressed than before. That is all, I hope you guys have a wonderful career.

2 replies

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Hello @Innocent Student 


We are all living in a Pandemic and it’s tough on all of us be we want to live so we try our best to stay safe and away from this bug! IMO if your doing online schooling then just do it and play games afterwards on your home computer!


Enjoy life and stay safe!

@TripleHelix Thank you for responding I actually go to school sadly I just forgot that people are doing online school