Windows 10 sends some info to Microsoft even with settings turned off

  • 14 August 2015
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As operating systems come to rely more and more on cloud connected services, everything from a digital personal assistant to file sharing, there comes a sometimes mutually exclusive tradeoff between complete privacy and added functionality. When systems are properly managed this choice in a tradeoff should be a normal and practical decision for the end user. However, when it is starting look like users are being deprived of the choice between absolute privacy over added functionality, then things begin to alarm privacy advocates.

As WinBeta reported earlier this week in our how to section, the privacy features of Windows 10 have been getting a lot of attention and some skeptical responses. Under moving to a Software as a Service model, Windows 10 is more connected to Microsoft with more frequent updates and more interconnected cloud service features. This has created a worrying sense for some that Windows 10 is almost always on and always communicating with Microsoft. But to its credit Windows 10 does provide an extensive privacy settings panel that allows you to toggle off everything from your advertising ID, to your location, to what information individual apps are and aren’t allowed to access and much more.
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