Workaround for “operation can’t be completed unexpected error 100093” MacOS Ventura Finder Error

  • 5 November 2022
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by: Paul Horowitz

Some Mac users running macOS Ventura have noticed a series of “operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred” error messages when attempting to drag and drop files in the Finder from macOS Ventura to a virtual volume, like what’s often used on a Micro:bit, Raspberry Pi Pico, AdaFruit, CircuitPython / Pyboard, DAPLink, or other RP2040-based boards, and even some USB flash drives. 

The full error message when attempting to drag and drop UF2 or hex files in the Finder to the target volume is usually “The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code 100093).” with the same 100093 error code.

A workaround is available for Raspberry Pi Pico users however, and it relies on using the command line cp command to copy files manually through Terminal.


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2 replies

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I have not had this occur, and I’m using several virtual drives.. I’m wondering what other software these users might have installed to interfere?

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Me too. No issues so far. Must be something additional from the OS causing it