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Email tracking with Webroot Security Awareness Training

  • 9 August 2019
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Email tracking with Webroot Security Awareness Training
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How does tracking work?

Webroot Security Awareness Training (SAT) tracks when users open simulation messages using a special process. The service embeds a 1 pixel image in the message and monitors to see if the image is downloaded, which is how SAT determines if a user opened a message.

This means that if the image is never downloaded, SAT will assume the message was not opened and tracking will not report accurately. Which further implies that if the user opens the email message, but does not download the images (by right clicking and downloading them), SAT will not be able to tell if the user opened the message.

Options available

One solution to ensure accurate tracking is to add the sending email address(es) to the safe sender’s list. However, if this action is taken, it will impact the realism of testing.

This is because adding email addresses to the safe sender’s list will automatically accept an email from that email address, including any embedded images, without prompting the user to manually accept. Without being manually prompted to accept images, savvy users may realize that something is odd and may change their behavior, making them act unnaturally.

Fully understanding how the tracking mechanism functions will help administrators make the best decision for their organization.

Adding new entries to the Safe Sender’s list is dependent on your mail platform. For instructions on some of the more common email platforms, see below. If your email solution is not on this list, please contact your vendor for additional assistance.

Adding to the Safe Sender’s list via Microsoft Outlook
Adding to the Safe Sender’s list via GPO
Adding to the Safe Sender’s list for Gmail

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