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Hello, i have looked around for the Unity API SDK for C# but i can't find it anywhere.
Can anyone help me with finding it, and it's documentation?
- Mikkel

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Hi @,
I've forwarded on your request for the C# SDK to our Unity PM. He should be in contact with you shortly.
Best regards,
Joseph R.
I am also seeking to see if there is a C# SDK available for the Webroot API.
Is there one available?
I'd also like to request access if you've already built out a SDK for C# (.net in general)
I've already build out a decent PoSh wrapper, but my time is limited to what I have to spend it on so that'd save me a bit of time if I'm not duplicating efforts for some of the work I've been doing!
Glad more are asking for this.
Please post if you get anything.
I have been requesting info on this here and though support channels and not getting any feedback at all yet.
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Hi, I will be contacting you to provide the latest verison of the SDK.
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I have sent you all the SDK, can you please leave comments, ideas, feedback on this topic.
Note you can also download from this location:


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