Changing Endpoint Group

  • 18 January 2017
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For the life of me whenever I try to send a PUT request to change the group of an endpoing - either via PowerShell or Postman - I end up changing the group fo all of my clients (yay).  Even though the "EndpointsList" is being sent it appears that it "arriving" as null/empty --or-- I'm just doing something completely wrong.  Is the correct Body parameter "EndpointsList"?
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4 replies

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Hi @,
Would you mind please opening a support ticket at (or via your GSM console) and sending us your full request? Feel free to PM me directly when this is completed and I will be more than happy to look into the issue with you.
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Ticket opened! 🙂
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Give it another shot. I have it on good authority this has been fixed.
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I'm sorry for not replying here - support contacted me almost immedately and it's been working great since!!!