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  • 15 January 2018
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Hi, I checked and did not find this info from documentation
We manage client endpoints with the webroot product and include API's as a way to monitor and manage issues
I am trying to find a way to determine the LATEST available software revision, and use that data to determine if an endpoint is out of date. I say this because I assume the possibility that an endpoint could be 'checked in' but for some reason not have installed the latest version within a threshold period, which ideally for our workflow would result in generating a service request to have a technician check on that endpoint.

1 reply

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Hi @,
There are a few things of note here that should be understood when implementing functionality of this sort. First, because our cloud-based threat intelligence is always up-to-date, our efficacy is not generally impacted by minor endpoint version revisions. These updates typically consist of things like feature enhancements. Also, version numbers may vary on a number of factors, which could mean that MSP A) and MSP 😎 are verifying that two completely different version numbers exist in their environment. For these reasons, and more, we have implemented an Agent Version Spread report into our GSM Console. This same data can be retrieved from the Unity API to verify that the correct version of our endpoint software for your business has / has not been deployed across your environment.
Here are some useful links for this scenario:
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