Python 2.x SDK for the Unity API?

  • 28 August 2018
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I'm wondering if anyone has developed a Python 2.x  SDK for the Unity API. We're planning on writing an integration to poll log information via the API, and our existing codebase is Python 2.x.
I'm aware that there are C# and VB.NET versions of the SDK - if there's no Python version, would it at least be possible to get access to the C# version as a learning exercise?
  -- Doug

4 replies

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Hi @,
I've forwarded on your request for the C# SDK to our Unity PM. He should be in contact with you shortly.
Best regards,
Joseph R.
Thanks Joseph!
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Are there any plans to build Python SDK in near future? 

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Hi no plans at preset to built Python SDK, but please check the Open API files we now publish. There may be a tool to use this to help you in Python using a 3rd Party tool