Webroot API is not return all the end points

  • 7 March 2023
  • 4 replies

Hi All, 

I am calling the reports end point and it’s return only 6 endpoints, I have checked I have 7 active endpoints. 

or is there any way I can call the inactive endpoints using the API.

If anybody can help?




4 replies

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Hey @deng can you help answer this?

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can you try this call?

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@rajansajan Let us know if the above solution worked

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Hi @rajansajan,

Hope so you’re having fun, regarding inactive endpoints, it depends on the API you are using. Some APIs may provide an option to retrieve inactive endpoints by including additional parameters or filters in the API request. Review the API documentation or reach out to the API provider to determine if such functionality is available.

Hope so this will work for you! if its help you Thumbs Up for ME!


Bryce June