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This is a place to tell people what a normal day in your life is like. I'll go first since it's my thread.
My day starts at 2-3pm! Yes people, I'm a night owl type of person
I get up and  do the normal routine (bathroom, wash hands, make my bed, etc).
I play games, watch TV, surf the net, and play with my toys (kid at heart) until supper is ready.
I help my mom set the table than the whole family (mom,dad,me,and sister) eat supper.
After supper is done, I throw away any paper plates that I used and put my silverware in the sink than go to my room.
I play more games, watch more TV, surf the internet and watch Youtube videos until I'm tired enough to lay down in my bed.
I change my clothing for bed than lay-down on my bed (I tend to fall asleep watching TV) and sleep until the next day.

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I think you forgot "Visit the Webroot Community, talk security..." on that list, but we'll forgive you.
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That's because I just joined the WebRoot Community today.
Some it wasn't on my list before today.
It will be from now on though.


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