Hurricane Michael

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The USA is in the path of another hurricane. The Florida panhandle is in the cross hairs of Cat 3 Hurricane Michael. The people of North Carolina do not need the rain that Michael will be bringing. We will be getting about 6 to 8 inches of rain in our area with heavy winds. With the grounds saturated from hurricane Florence and with the heavy winds and rain from Michael it has an outlook of a lot of damage on the East Coast in the next few days with down trees and loss of electrical power. Our thoughts and prayers for all that will be in the path of Michael and hope the damage is minimal.

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Something we didn't want to hear this morning, Hurricane Michael has been upgraded to a Cat 4 Hurricane and before reaching landfall in Florida it could be or close to being a Cat 5 Hurricane. 😞

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Hello out there..My Son who is a Lineman said he was coming home early today since his guys might have to go out to the Hurricane Storm damage...Bless all those who are in it's path..:(
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Yea I have been watching, to many disaster's going on..... 😞
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Yes, I heard that, too, Dave. That's gotta be the last thing you folks down there needed. Hoping it's not terribly bad for you. Thoughts and prayers to all in harms way. Stay safe, everyone.
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I wish there was something I could say, but as you have said Dave with the ground still saturated after the last one, the potential with this is truly massive and my heart goes out to everyone in its path and that includes the linesmen and everyone else who help with the recovery.


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