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  • 11 February 2014
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I'm deploying Webroot throughout my organisation and I'm having a few issues with updating.
Those endpoints at sit behind a corporate firewall and proxy server will not update.  It will download the update but somewhere along the lines it gets corrupted.  I've checked the firewall and there is no problem.  I've checked with the support people for our web device / proxy and nothing is being stopped.  The only way I can update the agent is to manually uninstall it or through the console.  Then manually install latest update on the endpoint.  I've contacted Webroot support but it seems to be baffling them as well.  I got so fed up with 1 endpoint I ended up reinstalling Sophos.  Please help?!!!

3 replies

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Sorry you're having this problem.  I reached out to the support folks to let them know you're still having problems and get you some more assistance.
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I apologize for the frustration you've had with support. We've reviewed the ticket and found the cause. It does look like you were intentionally installing with the older version of the MSI installer file. This older version has been updated to address an issue where the update fails after being unable to download the full file.
Another issue that affected you (and was also fixed in a newer build that the one you were attempting to install with on the 10th of February) was certain files being left behind after uninstalling Webroot. This problem makes it appear as if the installation just disappears without doing anything.
After an uninstall is completed via the Agent Command, please ensure the directory, C:ProgramDataWRData, is deleted before attempting reinstallation. This should only need to be done with the endpoints affected with the older build of Webroot, newer installations will not experience this problem.
In the future, please make sure to deploy with the newest version of the installation file. This will prevent issues that have been resolved from appearing in your environment.
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Hi Matt,
The reason I was using an older msi file was that before Christmas I expeirenced the same problem with the agent not updating.  One of your colleagues modified the msi and told be to use this from now on.  I am now using the latest msi as suggested and have modified it to include proxy details and license code.
You've said that the version that was having problems downloading was fixed.  Can you tell me the version and why its only affecting endpoints that sit behind a firewall and proxy server?  As the endpoints that dont have no issue updating.
Also the version that is not deleting the WRDATA folder again what version caused this?  I only ask so that I can better plan my deployment and sort out the older agents.
Sorry if I appear to be harsh but I'm finding Webroot extremely frustrating.