Alert/centrally audit on logon events

  • 30 June 2016
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Can we alert or centrally audit on logon events?
As the console login is not tied to our AD (or AzureAD or federated) we have to manually audit logons to the console.
As anything manual becomes forgotten, can we alert on logons or pass the event to our logging system?
The same goes for policy changes.

3 replies

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Unfortunately you cannot set up alerts for login or policy changes but they are viewable in the logs in the console.
I would advise taking a look at as this will answer many of your questions for you.
Thanks James,
I am trying not to have to have another console for the Ops team to watch.
Ideally, we can feed alerts and events into our loggin/alerting system. Shall I submit a feature request?
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Hey Martin,
I absolutely would. Basically any time that you see something that would make your job easier with our product that we are currently not doing, thats the best route to go. It can take some time for the requests to gain traction but we certainly look at them and discuss them on our side quite frequently.