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  • 26 October 2021
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I am new to managing webroot so please bear with me. I am trying to install software on an unmanaged endpoint (windows 10 pc) and webroot keeps blocking a single file. I know this file is safe. How to I tell Webroot to let this file be installed


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Hello @bob123456789 


If you have the MD5 Hash you can always contact Webroot Business support and they will whitelist it for you and everyone else. Ticket is the best way IMO.


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Open a support ticket

Tel: 1-866-254-8400



Hi, thanks for the reply.

So there is no way with this software that I can create a rule or something to just to let one file onto my PC?

I need to go through webroot support and have them decide if I should let a file through or not?

If that is the case maybe its time I started looking for something else as having to go through support every time I need to add something on my own system seems a bit limiting and draconian.

Also I wouldn’t want this whitelisted for everyone. I trust the source but that doesn’t mean that everyone using this software should.

Just wanted to add that I had tried adding installing the software on my managed laptop (windows 10) and webroot let it through no problem, so not sure what the logic is there.

Anyway, thanks again for the response.

I had opened a ticket and got a response in which they told me about the additional Gear icon, under the Advanced option which allows me to Block/Allow files. So it is sorted.