Any MSPs using the FCS (Foreign Code Shield)?

  • 8 August 2021
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Looking for evidence/story/anecdote where this feature successfully blocked something malicious.  The feature looks intriguing, but we’ve had enough webroot problems with their basic features and I’m hesitant to introduce what looks like a beta still without a known upside. 

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I don’t actually believe that in the Business console, that the Foreign Code Shield (FCS) is actually fully enabled yet and is still undergoing regression testing. I know Evasion Shield is available and we have that enabled across the board with out thousands of sites and over 10K endpoints with no issues.

FCS is available in the beta for the Commercial product and I’m testing that as well. So far, honestly it’s mixed results in terms of added protection and there’s zero visibility or alerts to Evasion or FCS right now so you really don’t know unless you dig through the console.

Hope this helps