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  • 2 June 2013
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Hi.  I am trying to audit a users internet history for the last 6 months. 
If I go in to Reports and use Daily Time Spent Surfing By User I get the informmation I need, but that only allows a time window of 1 month.  If I go in to Logs and choose Full Audit, I can retrieve the internet hostory for 1 year, but this is only sites visited. 
I am looking for summary information of time spent surfing for the last 6 months, and given a full audit can list sites for the last 12 months the information must be there.  Is it possible to get a report for a longer period than 1 month?
The product is Webroot Secure Anywhere - Total Web Protection.

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Hi Ian,
I think this is something you should open a support ticket on. You haven't had much luck here but Webroot's business support really, really good. They should have an answer or be able to pass along your request.
You can contact them here:
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Depending on the types of reports you are running, you will be able to run certain reports for longer periods of time than others.
This being the case, if the report you need does not allow you to run it for more than a 30 day period at any given time, you can always run separate reports for the time frames needed and then export the data into a spreadsheet and manually manipulate the data into a report showing the entire year. If you need assistance with this, please open up a support ticket and our Support Team will be happy to assist.