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Back-up your data

  • 4 October 2017
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Back-up your data
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If something like ransomware unfortunately succeeds and your data is affected, the most reliable protection is being able to restore that data and minimize business downtime. Backups that are tested and known to be working will always be vital to protecting an environment.

Please bear in mind: when planning your backup strategy, ransomware will also try to encrypt files on drives that are mapped, and some modern variants will look for unmapped drives too. Ransomware will look for external USB drives, as well as any network file stores that you have assigned a drive letter to.

Using a comprehensive, automatic backup solution, such as Carbonite Endpoint 360, for all your endpoint devices and the data that resides on them, including data in Microsoft O365 protects against accidental deletions, overwriting, ransomware and other threats.

You need to set up a regular backup regimen that, at a minimum, backs up data to an external drive, or backup service, that is completely disconnected when it is not performing the backup.

The recommended best practice is that your data and systems are backed up in at least three different places.
  • Your main storage area (file server)
  • Local disk backup
  • Mirrors in a cloud business continuity service
In the event of a ransomware disaster, this set-up will give you the ability to mitigate any takeover of your data and almost immediately regain the full functionality of your critical IT systems.

The information presented in this article has been taken from the Malware Prevention Guide.

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I do have a question though and I am not sure how to ask it on the community forum.  On my Webroot, there is nowhere for me to login into to start the webroot back up. Please help to find or how do I get started with the Webroot back up that comes with my subscription. 
Thank you and I apologize for posting in here.