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  • 4 November 2013
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My bit torrent doesn't work after installing webroot. Says path can't be found. Why ?

Best answer by MikeR 4 November 2013, 21:39

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There are malicious BitTorrent clients out there. Which one are you using?
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Please check to see if any of the clients .exe's are being Blocked or Monitored and if you know they belong to your program, you can set them to Allow. Please be sure to Send me a Private Message with the name of the .exe if you set it to Allow so that I can have it whitelisted for our other users.
Open Webroot, click Utilities, click System Control, and then click Start under Control Active Processes.
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It turns out the bittorrent itself has developed an internal bug that is causing the problem. I downloaded a different torrent and it is working fine. Webroot did quarntine two exes but they didn't affect anything. Thanks
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Bittorrent is the name I think. I have been using it for years but it has developed a bug now. Not a webroot problem. I downloaded Utorrent and it is working fine.